Feeling One

This is the ultimate goal of the seeker. We reach a feeling of one in the practice with the practice. What is the practice? It is the one you are doing in the present moment. It may not have anything to do with martial arts at the first glance. If you are seeking a connection in what you are doing. If you are looking for a connection that makes your move more fluid, your spirit opened to new horizons, and dissolve the obstacles created by the mind, that is the practice we are talking about here. There is no plan, no organisation, just the motivation, the desire of expressing the best of yourself. This cannot be done by a voluntary act. This is an hasardous path, a non linear trajectory. What ever you do you do it by being there totally in the moment : stretching, doing a yoga posture, calisthenics, fitness, jiu-jitsu drill, boxing, outdoor activities, running, climbing, etc.

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